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Ronald R. Scott, M.A., M.S.

Forensic Consultant       (623) 764-6371

Shooting Reconstruction, Police Shootings, Ballistics, Firearms

Fee Schedule.

Professional Fee Schedules are provided upon request. Please click on the email address on the left side of this page and request a copy .

Due to the disingenuous actions of a few in their obligations, the following is necessary:

1. Advance retainer funds are mandatory for all work, travel, deposition or trial testimony, and expenses.

2. Government work requires a purchase order, letter of authorization, or contract;  in some cases advance funds will be required

3. Court appointed cases require a copy of the court order authorizing the work, the funding amount, and other details which I will provide.

4. Any unused retainer funds will be returned forthwith; past case references can be provided for you to verify.