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Ronald R. Scott, M.A., M.S.

Forensic Consultant       (623) 764-6371

Shooting Reconstruction, Police Shootings, Ballistics, Firearms


It is imperative that I use my own equipment to conduct firearms and evidence examination.  This equipment is not mobile so items of evidence will need to be released to my custody for a period of time to be examined.  All my equipment is personally maintained and calibrated to NIST Standards.

I do not permit anyone to be in my lab and stand over my shoulder while I examine evidence - this is not considered as being an independent examination. 

I do not perform destructive testing unless there is prior written approval from the court or law enforcement agency; all evidence is returned in the same unaltered and unmodified condition that it was received.

  • Firearms can be shipped directly to me by a law enforcement agency or another Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.   I will supply a signed copy of my FFL.

  • If an individual is sending a firearm, they must utilize an FFL dealer to ship it to me.  A non-FFL person cannot ship firearms, period.  It is a violation of Federal Law.

  • If there is no firearm, then any evidence may be shipped directly to me.

  • Firearms will be returned directly to the law enforcement agency or to a Federal Firearms Licensed person authorized to receive the transfer of a firearm.  Law enforcement agencies are exempt.

  • It is highly recommended that firearms and/or evidence be shipped via Overnight Express Delivery with a signature required for delivery.  This ensures rapid delivery with tracking and signatures verifying receipt.

  • The normal stipulation made is that chain of custody will not be disputed.

  • If the opposing party objects to transferring possession of the evidence to me to conduct an independent examination on your behalf, then you will likely have to obtain a court order which directs that it be released to my custody.   I can provide exemplar orders as a guideline.