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Shooting Reconstruction, Police Shootings, Ballistics, Firearms

Ronald R. Scott, M.A., M.S.

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I am privileged to be one of a handful of persons in the U.S. with combined experience in both forensic and criminal investigations with hands-on involvement in literally thousands of shooting incidents including police involved events,  homicides, self-inflicted, property damage, accidental, unintentional, firing range and hunting incidents resulting in injury or death, motor vehicles, self-defense, catastrophic failure from firearms or ammunition, and gunshots occurring during a struggle with a firearm, etc. 

Over 52 total years in ballistics and firearms including 28 years in forensic shooting reconstruction and investigation. I have worked every type of crime scene as both an criminal investigator and then 13 years in the forensic investigation.  I have completed literally thousands of hours of training in forensics, medico-legal investigation, criminal investigation, and attended multiple Federal, State, and private programs related to shooting incident reconstruction, firearms identification, and ballistics.

(Download Ronald Scott's Curriculum Vitae by clicking on this link:  CV in .PDF Format  or  CV in .Doc Format )

25+ years with the Masssachusetts State Police where I was the Commanding Officer of the Ballistics Section and a member of the Firearms Review Board for evaluating officer involved shooting incidents;  providing forensic services to 350 cities and towns, all state agencies, and all Federal Agencies located in the state except for the FBI.   Services were also provided to all the military services in Massachusetts.

My forensic ballistics and shooting reconstruction case experience consists of thousands of cases and I have investigated over 400 police involved shootings

Clients include Plaintiffs, Defendants, Prosecutors, U.S. Attorney Offices, Federal Public Defender Offices, all  U.S. Military Services,  numerous county and state Public Defender Offices,  Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Architects, Engineers, News Media, Film Makers, Scholars, Authors, Families and Private Individuals, Citizen Groups, Elected Officials, Forensic Students.

Have testified over 300 times in courts and approximately 150 depositions and before the Massachusetts Legislature.

My casework is mainly within the 50 states;  I have been involved in shooting investigation and reconstruction in Haiti, Nigeria, Great Britain, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S. Virgin Islands, Columbia, Canada, and the Philippines.

Former Commanding Officer of the 65-Officer Massachusetts State Police Barracks in Revere, MA.  Shift Commander of Troops "A" and "H" responsible for the operations of multiple barracks;  a Staff Inspector for the Department, and Commanded the Operations Section at General Headquarters.  Served as a trooper at the Topsfield Barracks, Andover Barracks, and was a member of the Selective Enforcement Team for Troop "A".

Military service with the U.S. Army in the Ordnance Corps;  attended the Small Arms Repair School and Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance; stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground conducting firearms and ballistics testing.  2 1/2 years overseas in ordnance and as the Unit Armorer.  Crew Chief of a Browning .50 Caliber MG.  Participant in Operation Power Pack (1965).

I will utilize my total training, education, and experience to reach the truth through the application of scientific principles and generally accepted methodology regardless of which party retains my services.

Most common deficiencies in shooting incidents:

  • The investigator has insufficient forensic expertise.
  • Technicians are relied on to collect evidence who lack investigative experience and merely document items.
  • Evidence sits in the Property Office until months later when a crime lab technician does routine tests without sufficient knowledge about the crime scene or the incident.
  • The correlation of test results and the alleged version of events is not coordinated.
  • Evidence which should have been present at the scene is not considered and conflicts result.
  • The case goes to trial with significant omissions and flaws in the forensic investigation.
  • Attorneys frequently lack the forensic and criminal investigative expertise to defend their client.
  • In many cases the crime lab examiner never leaves the lab and his knowledge of the crime is limited to the request for services that accompany the evidence.  There is a complete disconnect between the incident and the actual testing needed.

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